The Torrefazione Caffè Mattioni in Gorizia produces coffee in beans, grinded coffee and fresh decaf made both in a natural environment and vacuum sealed. In the plant in Via III Armata 133 we only use the best beans and blends from Central America, Brazil, Africa and Columbia in order to make a good, genuine and tasty coffee.
Torrefazione Caffè Mattioni sells and supplies coffee in beans, grinded coffee and decaf at competitive prices to about fifty bars and restaurants only in the city of Gorizia and to as many out of the province and in the rest of the region, for a market that is developing at a European level. It also supplies tens of small delis besides the G.D.O. (Great Organised Distribution). Besides, we deliver packs of coffee in beans, grinded coffee and decaf in all of Italy! Contact us now for a free estimate (telephone 0481.521444, email