Torrefazione Gorizia - Torrefazione Caffè Mattioni Gorizia

Our history

For almost 100 years Torrefazione Caffè Mattioni imports and roasts fresh coffee in Gorizia, serving bars, cafeterias, restaurants, wholesalers and families in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in all of Italy and abroad, for example in Slovenia and Ukraine. The roasting coffee company was opened in 1922 by the Mattioni brothers that decided to open their seat in Gorizia taking advantage of the vicinity with Trieste, a “free port” and crossroad for goods and merchandise to and for the Middle and Extreme East.
During the years we specialised in processing, roasting and selling coffee in beans and blends coming from Central America, Africa, Columbia and Brazil, b2b and to individuals. In 1995 Torrefazione Caffè Mattioni becomes an S.r.l. because of its increasing number of clients satisfied in our coffee importing and processing activity and therefore moved to the present seat in the Industrial Area of Gorizia in Via III Armata 133. It is a 7000 sq.m. plant equipped with technologically avant-garde machinery like the VTR Vittoria roasting machine with double barrel, that enables us to obtain great volumes of roasted coffee in a reduced period of time while still maintaining a constant and careful control over all the processing phases to which the prime material, raw coffee is subjected. Our motto still is: “the excellent Mattioni coffee!”